Coil coating


Continuous production process

The coil coating line is designed in a way that ensures the coil passes through all its functional zones at the same speed. 

The coating process begins with a multi-stage chemical rinse that removes impurities from the coil. A chrome-free passivation layer is applied to the clean surface to ensure good adhesion of the coating. After it has dried, the coating is applied to the coil by coating rollers, and then the coil is cured in ovens at a temperature of up to 254°C. The coil is cooled and dried, after which it is sent for packaging or further machine processing. ​

In addition to the application of organic coatings, the line is also used to apply laminating films.

Both coated and laminated sheets have high resistance to climatic, mechanical and chemical influences. We test all of this in laboratories as well as in real conditions.

We coat steel and aluminium

We process high-quality aluminium, steel and galvanised sheets from renowned European smelting plants on our coil coating line. All materials undergo an incoming inspection, and their quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer's inspection certificate.
Material Al alloys FeZn / Fe​
Quality EN AW 1050, 3*series, 5*series DX51-DX53, ​S220-S350, DC01
Thickness 0,4 – 2,0 mm 0,3 – 1,2 mm
Width 600 – 1 340 mm 600 – 1 340 mm
Inside ø of coil 500/600 mm 500/600 mm
Outside ø​ of coil 2 000 mm​ 2 000 mm​
Max. weight 3 500 kg​ 8 500 kg​
Min. order quantity 800 kg 1 500 kg
Coil coating - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.

Variability of our coatings

Material Surface Thickness Resistance Functional warranty
HD PES smooth 20 – 27 μm RUV 3 10 years
HD PES W texture 20 – 30 μm RUV 3 10 years
SHD PES smooth min 35 μm RUV 4 20 years
PUR-PA structured 45 – 60 μm RUV 4 20 years
PUR smooth 30 – 60 μm RUV 4 15 years
PVDF smooth 28 – 37 μm RUV 4 15 years
Primer/adhesive under the PVC x 7 – 12 μm x x
Backcoat smooth 3 – 18 μm RUV 2 1 year (for interiors)
PVC film structured 120 – 150 μm x 10 years
PET film smooth 30 – 50 μm x 10 years

Exceptional colour range

Our proprietary colour mixing system gives us an exceptionally wide range of colours. We currently provide coatings in up to 2,000 colours derived from RAL, RAL Design, NCS or Pantone colour systems in a glossy, semi-matte or matte finish. 

We can prepare additional shades according to other colour systems or the customer's standard in a very short periodof time from 800 kg of coated aluminium or 1 500 kg of coated steel.

We also coat faux wood and 3D effects

Coated 2D surface

  • Smooth surface (matte/glossy), range of colours
  • Suitable for both HDG steel and aluminium
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • High abrasion resistance (RUV3)
  • Optional application of protective UV film
  • For sandwich panel manufacturers

2D Wood Design

3D coating effect

  • Attractive structured surface (alternating matte and glossy surfaces), range of colours
  • Suitable for both HDG steel and aluminium
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • High abrasion resistance (RUV3)
  • Optional application of protective UV film
  • For manufacturers of blinds and garage doors

3D Wood Design

3D patina effect

  • Smooth (matte), range of decors
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • High abrasion resistance (RUV3)


Coated sheets also tested abroad

In addition to accelerated testing in our own laboratories, we subject our coated sheet metal to load tests in foreign accredited centres.

The samples we select include aluminium, galvanised sheet metal and all types of coatings, including film lamination. We use laboratories in Lisbon and Norway for our tests.

We prioritise the future

  • We incinerate the flue gases produced during coating and curing, which prevents the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. We use the heat generated in production to heat production premises.
  • We recycle 100% of solvents – we regenerate used solvents by vacuum distillation and reuse them in production.
  • We are mindful of the energy efficiency of our production facilities – we are considering replacing the gas furnaces with electric ones in our future investment in a new coil coating line.


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