Lasered profiles

In addition to our own production of thin-walled profiles, we also offer their further processing. This includes cutting into lengths required by customers, punching holes and modifying the front of metal shapes.


Our machinery:

    – for adjusting the length, shape of the front and punching holes
  • Laser LT 5 ADIGE
    – for adjusting the length, shape of the front and punching holes
  • BTM CNC bandsaws
    – for cutting bundles of metal shapes, especially for cutting shapes with a rectangular cross-section
  • Automatic circular saw ADIGE 
    – for cutting sections of metal shapes with a round cross-section

Production options of LT FIBER EVO:

  • Cutting of standard closed profiles
    - Round shapes from 12 to 120 mm in diameter
    - Square with side length ranging from 12 to 120 mm
    - Rectangular, oval and flat oval with a circumradius up to 170 mm
  • Cutting of standard open profiles
    - L, U, C and I shapes – in sizes ranging from 30×20 to 120×120 mm
    - 40x5 mm and 120x5 mm flat bars
  • Cutting of special closed and open profiles
    - Cross-sections with a maximum circumradius of 170 mm
  • Profiles lengths
    - The input length for metal shapes is 3,200 - 8,500 mm, and a maximum of 7,400 mm for strip steel
    - Maximum input length: 6,500 mm
  • Wall thickness of profiles according to material
    - Carbon steel - max. 6 mm
    - Alloy steel (stainless) – max. 5 mm
    - Aluminium alloys – max. 5 mm
    - Brass – max. 5 mm

Use of lasered metal shapes:

  • Reinforcement for plastic door frames
    – punched holes for the lock, handle, metal fittings, etc.
  • Profiles for steel structures
    – adjusted front of metal shape (cut at an angle, punched locks for counterpart), preparations for bending (with a rounded or sharp edge), punched holes, engraved position marks and names of parts.
  • Profiles for the construction of fencing
    – punched holes for attaching clamps for tension wires or finished fence parts.


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