Stucco (Embossing)

3D surface for an aesthetic and functional effect

  • The embossing line consists of a two-roll rolling mill with a small pattern on the surface of the rolls; as the coil passes through it, the pattern is pressed into both the surface treatment and the input material.
  • We emboss both uncoated and coated coils made of aluminium and galvanised alloys.

For indoor and outdoor use

  • The advantages of surface embossing are an attractive appearance of the coil and strengthening of the material. Embossed surfaces also reduce the visibility of small defects on the surface of the coil that may occur during the product’s use.
  • Typical examples of embossed sheet metal applications include the insides of cooling devices, freezer boxes, facade systems, suspended ceilings, plumbing elements, etc.

Embossed coil parameters

A pattern is pressed into the surface of the belt on both sides using engraving rollers. It is performed on both natural and pre-painted belts.
Stucco (Embossing) - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.
Material Al / Al alloys FeZn / Fe​
Thickness 0,4 – 1,5 mm​ 0,3 – 1,0 mm​
Width 300 – 1 600 mm 300 – 1 600 mm


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