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Our product and service portfolio and decades of experience have allowed us to become the partner of a number of major manufacturing companies. We employ 500 people in 4 modern plants, and we have implemented international standards ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001 and IATF 16949 for process and quality management.

The story of COMAX began in Velvary in 1938, when the recycling of non-ferrous metals for the production of foundry alloys was initiated in Hutě Dr. Wertheima, at the site of the company’s current address.

In 1973, the company acquired a continuous coil coating line – still the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic – adding a new field to its production portfolio – sheet metal surface treatment.

In 2006, after a merger with a company trading in steel sheet metal since 1993, the trade name METAL TRADE COMAX appeared on the market for the first time, at which point the company was active in 3 production fields: metallurgy, sheet metal coating and cutting of uncoated sheet metal.

In 2009, after a subsidiary was established in Košice, it also began producing structural steel shapes; in the same year, the company acquired a modern steel shape production plant in Litovel, and in 2019 it opened a representative office in Germany. In 2022, we began producing steel shapes in the new production plant in Kolín.

COMAX ROOFS® is our most recent enterprise, established under this trade name in 2015; a representative office was opened in England in 2016. However, the production of COMAX sheet metal roofing comes after our ALUKRYT® roof tile, one of the oldest and best-known roofing brands produced in Czechoslovakia since 1973.

In September 2023, after 50 years of the ‘Comax’ brand’s engagement in both metallurgical production and sheet metal processing, the metallurgical production was split off to form independent company OETINGER CZ s.r.o., and the brand METAL TRADE COMAX remains synonymous with modern sheet metal processing.

In the spring of 2024, together with professionals from the field of solar solutions, we founded the joint venture SOLROOF CZ, which brings an innovative solar system fully integrated into steel roofing to the Czech market.

About us - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.

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About us - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.

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328 milion EUR

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170000 t

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9800 pcs

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12.5 milion EUR

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About us - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.