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Introduction of our Cutting centres


KOLÍN cutting centre

Since 2002, our company has been using its own extensive industrial premises for its production and sales activities; these premises are in close proximity to the Toyota car factory (TMMCZ) in Kolín. Our growing portfolio of customers from the automotive industry created the need for major innovations in our production portfolio, which is why we recently purchased high-capacity lines for longitudinal and transverse cutting from FIMI. These lines are characterised by high cutting precision and perfect flatness. The centre in Kolín has its own railway siding and can handle coils weighing up to 34 tonnes.

VELVARY cutting centre

In 2014, we opened a centre for cutting uncoated aluminium and coated materials from the coil coating line at the registered office of METAL TRADE COMAX in Velvary. The high technological level of the cutting lines, the new warehouse premises and our team's experience allow us to successfully handle even challenging customer requirements. The centre also cuts material provided by customers.


KOŠICE cutting centre

On the premises of the former metallurgical buildings in Bočiar, not far from the metallurgical giant U.S. STEEL Košice, is the largest cutting centre in Slovakia with a capacity of over half a million tonnes of steel coils. Our sister company, Válcovňa profilov a.s., processes the entire range of steel coils up to a thickness of 8 mm for automotive and structural purposes here on modern longitudinal and transverse cutting lines. It provides its capacities for both its exclusive partner, U.S. STEEL, and our company. Due to increasing customer demands on the flatness of sheet metal for laser technology, the Košice centre has a unique transverse cutting line with tensile flattening.

Where can you find us?

Kolin forming centre
VELVARY cutting centre
METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s. 273 24 Velvary, Velvary 420 (CZ)
Košice cutting centre