Welded profiles

Our high-capacity forming lines with automatic packaging and a laser centre allow us to produce precise, induction-welded tubes and profiles in both standard and special shapes up to a thickness of 3.5 mm and a diameter of 102 mm with a galvanised weld.


We produce:

  • profiles with a square, rectangular and round cross-section up to a diameter of 102 mm
  • wall thickness: 0.9-3.5 mm
  • max. width of input strip: 340 mm 
  • precise lengths (cut with a laser)
  • metallisation of the weld with a zinc layer

Always something extra:

  • special profiles
  • laser cut profiles
  • profiles for radiators and heaters

Use of welded profiles:

Our welded profiles are widely used in the commercial and residential sectors – from fencing around buildings, in which they are used as supporting parts for the mesh, through reinforcing elements in plastic window frames, to laser cut products for special applications.