From Comax to the State Opera of the National Theatre


In the main role: COMAX Vlnka covering

The COMAX Vlnka aluminum covering made it to the main stage of the State Opera of the National Theater in the opera Lady Macbeth of Mcenské újezd.

The demand for the production of the staging part was for 100 m2 of high-quality corrugated trapezoidal sheet metal in a natural aluminum design. The ideal candidate was our COMAX Vlnka 27/115 aluminum covering, which perfectly fulfilled the client’s idea. The production took place within the standard period, which is why it could be staged in the studio of the National Theater in ten days, where it was further edited into the final form of the production.

We are proud of the result, the revolving opera production has acquired a distinctive appearance symbolizing closedness and lack of freedom. We are happy that an honest Czech product has become part of one of the cultural symbols of our country.

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