• Lackieranlage
    Lackierung von Metallbändern mittels Coil-Coating-Technologie
  • Hüttenbetrieb
    Produktion von Legierungen & Vorlegierungen auf Aluminium & Kupfer-Basis
  • Trennungszentren
    Quer- und Längstrennung von Stahl- und verzinkte Bleche in Rollen
  • Profilierzentren
    Produktion von dünnwandigen Verstärkungsprofile aus verzinkten Bändern
  • Comax Dach
    Herstellung moderner Blechdächer


METAL TRADE COMAX is one of the first representatives in continuous coil coating in Europe and the only producer of continuously coated sheet metal in the Czech Republic. The company is a member of ECCA association, seated in Brussels, gathering major European producers of painted sheet metal.

The company is also a significant producer of alloys and master alloys of non-ferrous metals on the aluminum and copper basis in the form of ingots or liquid aluminum.

Besides, METAL TRADE COMAX is a manufacturer of thin-walled profiles made of zinc coated strips and a producer of aluminium, zinc coated and metal coils cut into strips and sheets.

At the headquarters in Velvary, since 1995 the company operates a modern production of metal roofing and roof accessories – COMAX ROOFS® with a successfull sales office in the UK, Bristol, and Germany, Weißenhorn.

METAL TRADE COMAX has 4 production plants and employs 570 people. There have been implemented the systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949 and ISO 50001 to manage and control all production processes.

Over 220 thousand tons of products are sold per year, more than 55% is exported. Products of the company METAL TRADE COMAX are exported to 28 markets all around the world.

In 2017, MTC has acquired all shares in OETINGER Aluminium Group. The acquisition has created one of Europe’s leading aluminum recycling groups.

OETINGER Aluminium GmbH:

COMAX Group in Europe 2021:

Customer Portal

Enter: portal.mtcomax.cz


OEMIX 2021 -1. Auflage

Dezember 2021


COMAX ROOFS presented in Birmingham

OETINGER ALUMINIUM celebrated 75 years

OEMIX 2021 – 75 Jahre nachhaltiges Recycling

MEGABOARD in Kolin to rent

Exceptional facade 1,500 m² for rent

Unsere Investition in Kosice (SK)

Geschweißte Rohre mit Laserschneiden & Stanzen

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