Integrated PV roof SOLROOF


Integrated PV roof SOLROOF - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.The design and the green XCarbe steel form a perfect fit.

In the spring of 2024, together with our partners from the solar solutions industry, BP2 sp. z o.o. and Solar Solution Energy, s.r.o. we founded the joint venture SOLROOF CZ, which brings an innovative solar system fully integrated in a steel roofing system to the Czech market.

Attractive design without frames and visible joints combined with fast installation are the dominant features of the SOLROOF system, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The roof and the photovoltaic system form a single body, so that the roof is covered by one general warranty.

We provide customers with technical support on the composition of the roof cladding with regard to maximising the PV output according to the household’s consumption, and we also arrange subsidies. We provide a 25-year warranty on the integrated system.

Visit our showroom COMAX ROOFS, Malovarská 796, Velvary, CZ


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