Men, recycle!


Men, recycle! - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.The 7th year of the school project is over.

On 25 June 2024, the 7th year of the aluminium waste collection project culminated. The patron of the project is METAL TRADE COMAX and schools of all levels of education are involved.

The collection year coincides with the school year, starting in September and culminating in a meeting of the most successful schools at Comax in June.

In the 2023/2024 school year, 101 schools participated and collectively collected over 7 tonnes of aluminium waste.

Results of the 7th edition:

  1. Mšeno Primary School
  2. Velvary Primary School
  3. Stochov Secondary School of Crafts and Services
  4. Primary School Kolín-Sendražice

In the number of kg collected per 1 pupil, the Zavidov Kindergarten won.

We congratulate to the winners of the 7th edition and thank to all schools for their contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.

Would you like to get involved in the project? Call us on +420 731 117 323


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