COMAX reduces carbon footprint

COMAX reduces carbon footprint - METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.

4,299 photovoltaic panels and 9,061 m² for solar energy, that’s the area of our 3 rooftop solar power plants so far.

15 years ago we installed the first rooftop PV plant with an installed capacity of 103,5 kWp on the premises of our headquarters in Velvary, which underwent a complete renovation this year.

We are currently installing a second PV plant in Velvary with a capacity of 1 MWp, which uses the potential of three large-scale roofs of our halls.

Together with our third PV plant of 810 kWp, which we installed this year at our plant in Kolín, we will have a total capacity of 2 MWp, which will cover about 15% of our energy consumption. Together with our other green investment projects, this contributes to global reducing the carbon footprint.

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