• Pre-painting or film-lamination of sheet metal
  • Protective foliation, crosswise or lengthwise cutting, embossing of coated sheet metal
  • Wide range of colours
  • Custom coating


  • Production of alloys and master alloys of Aluminium and Copper
  • Recycling of non-ferrous metals based on Aluminium and Copper


  • Processing of hot-dip galvanized, cold-rolled and aluminium sheets
  • Crosswise and lengthwise cutting of coils
  • Custom cutting


  • Production of reinforcing window, plasterboard or welded profiles from hot-dip galvanized strips 

Střechy Comax

  • výroba profilů pro sekční vrata
  • výroba výztužných okenních, sádrokartonových a svařovaných profilů (jekly, trubky)
  • výroba speciálních profilů

    About us


    • Service Centre KOŠICE - Slovakia

    The history of steel coils´cutting in METAL TRADE COMAX began shortly after 1989. In 1994 the first longitudinal cutting line with a capacity of over 100,000 tons was installed in the area of Hutní stavby, near the former Ironworks Východoslovenské železárny, currently U.S. STEEL Košice. At present a joint-stock company Válcovňa profilov and MT COMAX Ltd. process steel coils on modern cutting lines not only for U.S. STEEL Košice, but also for other customers, mostly in the form of contract work. On the cutting lines it is possible to process sheets and tapes from a wide range of steel coils from 0.4 to 6 mm thick,  with a width of up 2 m and with a high-strength range for automotive and construction applications.              

    Ing. Jozef Maceášik, Managing Director MT Comax, s r.o. Košice, Slovakia: 

    “To support this, a manufacturing and storage hall with a total area of 6.000m² is being constructed. Also planned is the purchase of a new line with cross-cutting technology for ductile bending and straightening. This technology is an indispensable requirement for processing material for laser cutting.” 

    • Service Centre KOLÍN – Czech Republic 

    In Kolín, only a few kilometres from the TPCA Car Factory, the second service centre of METAL TRADE COMAX is located on an area of 70,000 m². The Kolín centre was developed in 2002, when the former Prague service centre was destroyed by floods. Since then the company has invested over 100 million crowns in production facilities and real estate. The growing portfolio of customers in the automotive industry in 2016 required the purchase of a new lateral line from the Italian company FIMI.      

    Given the company´s significant position in the processing of zinc-coated sheets in the domestic market, all major ironworks are raw materials´ suppliers: Arcelor Mittal, U.S. Steel Košice, Salzgitter, Tata Steel, Voest Alpine or Marcegaglia.    

    Besides zinc-coated and cold-rolled material Kolín´s centre has a wide range of electroplated metallic coated sheets, also aluzinc and aluminized materials, micro-alloyed and high-strength sheets or materials with special corrosion resistance.

    Thanks to a wide range of warehouse stock, we are able to respond flexibly to our customers´ requirements. Our capacity in the future, when we expand the operation and number of shifts, will be from 9 to 10 thousand tons per month.   

    The Kolín service centre has its own railway siding and a loco-tractor ensures the handling of wagons. Thanks to an increase in the carrying capacity of crane runways and the purchase of new overhead cranes, the centre can now manipulate coils weighing up to 22 tons.

    • Service Centre VELVARY – Czech Republic                                              

    The newest service centre was built in 2014 in Velvary, in the headquarters and main manufacturing facility METAL TRADE COMAX, next to the coil coating line. The aim was not only to restore the 40-year-old cutting lines, but also to extend the range of materials cut. Currently, the new cutting lines from SALICO process steel, zinc-coated, aluminum and stainless steel coils from 0.4mm to 4mm thick with a width of up to 1,650mm. The high technical level of the cutting lines, a new storage facility and the experience of the team in cutting both coated and uncoated coils have all created the preconditions for successful management of the most demanding customers´ requirements.