• Pre-painting or film-lamination of sheet metal
  • Protective foliation, crosswise or lengthwise cutting, embossing of coated sheet metal
  • Wide range of colours
  • Custom coating


  • Production of alloys and master alloys of Aluminium and Copper
  • Recycling of non-ferrous metals based on Aluminium and Copper


  • Processing of hot-dip galvanized, cold-rolled and aluminium sheets
  • Crosswise and lengthwise cutting of coils
  • Custom cutting


  • Production of reinforcing window, plasterboard or welded profiles from hot-dip galvanized strips 

Střechy Comax

  • výroba profilů pro sekční vrata
  • výroba výztužných okenních, sádrokartonových a svařovaných profilů (jekly, trubky)
  • výroba speciálních profilů

    About us


    • Profile Centre MT COMAX, s r.o. Košice - SLOVAKIA

    The zinc-coated profiles´ production of METAL TRADE COMAX was launched in 2009 in Slovakia, after establishing a subsidiary MT COMAX Ltd. In the industrial area of Válcovňa profilov, close to the U.S. Steel Kosice Ironworks, there are now over 70 employees working on 10 profiling lines. Annually they produce approximately 20,000 tons of window and wallboard profiles, all for leading European companies such as Rigips, Gealan, Aluplast, Finstral and more. In recent years, demand has been increasing for more complex and technically demanding profiles for the furniture industry. For these profiles it is often necessary to design not only the forming rollers, but the entire molding line equipped with presses for punching and cutting holes with precise tolerances.

    With the support of EU funds in 2019, MT Comax, s.r.o. new high-performance rolling line ATTL installed in Košice for the production of precision, inductively welded tubes and profiles of circular, square or rectangular cross-section and other special profiles up to thickness 3.0 mm and ø 102 mm, with a galvanized weld and highly efficient online diagnostics of its quality, and an automatic laser saw for the production of precise profile lengths in the range of 400 - 8,000 mm and for cutting precision holes. New products from the portfolio of the Košice profiling center can be viewed in the section Welded profiles and will be presented at the TUBE Dusseldorf 2020 exhibition in December 2020. 

    • Profile Centre Litovel

    METAL TRADE COMAX grew in 2011, with the acquisition of a joint-stock company KVARTA LITOVEL, which brought not only modern production premises in Moravia but also experienced staff and technical know-how.     

    At present 6 forming lines manage production of profiles with thicknesses from 0.8 to 3mm.

    Thanks to a grant from EU funds, the company expanded the product range with welded zinc-coated profiles. The next innovation was the addition of continuous punching lines. According to customer requirements, the centre provides supplies of profiles cut to precise lengths by the automatic circular saw ADIGE.

    At present, over 16,000 tons of products per year are produced in Litovel. To ensure the best conditions for customers, in 2016 the company expanded the technical equipment with another forming line and a new modern 3,000 m² warehouse.

    • Profile Centre Velvary

    In 2012, the production of thin-walled profiles began at headquarters and main production plant in Velvary near Prague. The aim was to exploit the synergy of having the service centre and the coil coating line in one place.

    Every month, a total of 25 employees, working in two shifts, produce at 3 profile lines around 11.000 tons of wallboard types of profiles CD, UD, CW and UW per year. Generally, the profiles have a smooth finish, but for Saint-Gobain company special profiles of MultiTec types are produced.