• Einseitige und beiderseitige Lackierung von Metallbändern mittels Coil-Coating-Technologie
  • Folienbeschichtung, Quer- und Längstrennung von lackiertem Blech


  • Produktion von Legierungen und Vorlegierungen auf Al- und Cu-Basis
  • Abfallbearbeitung von Buntmetallen (Recycling)
  • Lieferung von flüssigem Aluminium


  • Verkauf von verzinkten und kalt gewalzten Blechen
  • Quer- und Längstrennung von Rollen


  • Produktion von Profilen aus verzinkten Bändern
  • Fensterprofile, Trockenbauprofile und Schweißprofile 
  • Profile für sektionale Tore
  • Sonderproofile

Střechy Comax

  • výroba profilů pro sekční vrata
  • výroba výztužných okenních, sádrokartonových a svařovaných profilů (jekly, trubky)
  • výroba speciálních profilů


     Our laboratories

    In our laboratory for development and production of paints, paints based on polyesters and polyurethanes are developed and formulated. In the laboratory, with the help of a metallographic microscope, it is possible to monitor possible defects on the pre-painted material and reveal their cause. In adition, the input material is tested here, both the sheet metal using a blasting device and the paint - we verify the declared values, such as viscosity, weight content of non-volatile substances, color deviation of the paint film, its gloss, hardness and flexibility. Thanks to the laboratory laminator, it is also possible to test PVC and PET foils in the laboratory and their adhesion during the excavation test.

    Our laboratory for monitoring the resistance of the painted material to external conditions is equipped with devices for simulating solar radiation with the possibility of water condensation (QUV and Q-Sun), devices for testing salt spray (Q-FOG) and the effect of condensation on the painted surface (QCT). These tests simulate an increased corrosion load in the environment, but samples are also tested here under real outdoor conditions - thanks to this extensive testing, it is possible to monitor and maintain the high quality of the painted material. 

    Accredited testing centres

    In addition to accelerated tests performed in our own laboratories, we test our painted sheet metal in international testing centres. In accordance with the prescribed standards, we use the maritime areas of accredited laboratories in Lisbon/Portugal for outdoor exposure 45° S and Hoek van Holland/Netherlands for outdoor exposure 5° S and 90° N.

    This year we completed the exposure tests according to EN 13523-19 (Continuously painted metal strips - Test methods - Part 19: Sample design and test method for atmospheric exposure). Samples for testing were selected to represent both Aluminium and Steel and all types of coating systems, incl. lamination. We passed all prescribed tests.

    Sine 2020, we are testing not only pre-painted sheet metal, but also COMAX roofing, specifically: COMAX TR18, TR35, Tail, KLIK 25, FALC and BoCo, plus connecting material.

    The standard testing period is 2 years. We plan to extend the exposure period to 5 and 10 years.